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Loft Conversions

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Need an extra bedroom, a study or just some more usable space?

Your property might already have the space you need, although you might not need a building expert to help you realise how to use it effectively. Our building team at Mero Building Construction & Design Ltd will be able to advise you on which room is being underutilised at your property and develop a plan for converting it into exactly the kind of space you need.

We offer a full range of conversion services, from loft to kitchen conversions. Loft Conversions are one of the fastest and most inexpensive means to get more out of your home. Attics and lofts are one of the most commonly wasted spaces at private properties. Lofts offer substantial usable space, which can be easily converted into bedrooms, bathrooms or studies without the extra cost of moving to a new home. We can offer roof window as well as dormer conversion for your loft conversion project.

Basement and Garage Conversion is also a popular option since these areas are also often underutilised. We can also offer Bedroom Conversion if you perhaps what to turn the bedroom into a study or studio.

Studies and other rooms can also be converted into bedrooms and we can even add an ensuite bathroom. Our construction experts can also help plan a kitchen expansion project, in which rooms adjacent to your kitchen can be converted into a kitchen space in the interest of expanding your cooking or dining area.

Whatever your conversion project, we aim to provide you with the best building and design advice. Our aim is to help you utilize the extra space in your home and get the most out of your home.